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Basics in Tattooing

A tattoo gun is very essential when it comes to leather tattooing. Whether the leather tattooing is for leisure or for commercial purposes is not very important at this stage. This task needs a tattooing gun, and this may not be compromised. Things will easily get rolling once you get a tattooing gun.To acquire a tattoo gun, you will either buy it new or used.This is an item that can easily be found in online shops for competitive prices.Once you get the tattooing gun; you can get your ink and start designing. It is always good to first lean the leather before you start inking.After the leather is clean; you can comfortably start inking.Read on to know the steps to a perfect product.

First, you will need to do some cleaning and some planning. At this stage, identify the design that you want to use. Your imagination is very precious at this stage.A simple line drawing may be the best place for you to start if you are new.When you will want to repeat patterns as in the case of polynesian tribal tattoo, you can look up online with an image search. You will need to copy an online image that you want to use as your design and then print it to have a print of reference. Copy this by use of the print screen function.Again, if you want to use your own design and you have one, it is prudent to have it drawn on a separate clean paper.After this, it will be useful to use the drawing as a template for your tattooing. To improve your tattooing skills, it is wise to follow tattoo artists and groups on social media.

Your leather will afterwards need to be cleaned by use of rubbing alcohol.On top of sterilizing the leather, rubbing alcohol is good to remove grease and oils from your leather. You will simply need to dampen a clean piece of lint-free cloth in rubbing alcohol and then using it to clean the leather thoroughly. For tattooing, it is advisable to use raw leather if it is available. The finish will need to have an application of deglazer.

You will need to make an outline as a tracing guide. Transfer the drawing to the leather using a stencil gel.

Again, make sure that you pad the leather in an effort to prevent staining and damaging. Thin leather cannot do without this type of treatment.

After this, all you need to do is clean your leather gun and get ready to do the work. The appropriate range for tattooing human skin is one and two millimetres.
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