Getting More Mattress for the Money

In response to the continuing demand for memory foam mattresses, new types are introduced to the market on a steady basis. A new material, a new design, or a new approach to sustained support results in a new mattress presented by a small manufacturer. Traditionally, breakthrough products came with high price tags. This is not the case in a time dominated by E-commerce websites.

High-Quality for Lower Pricing

Offering mattresses solely online means manufacturers can keep pricing low. Customers benefit from this practice because they are able to afford more mattress for their money. A significant portion of sale prices is used to maintain the staffing levels, overhead costs, and marketing plans of physical retailers. Eliminate those costs and prices plummet. A new manufacturer can produce a top-quality innovative mattress and still make a profit without high pricing.

Focus on Technology

Manufacturers today utilize start-up resources to develop new technology to make improvements on common problems with memory foam mattresses. Foam combined with polymers increases the motion isolation properties of mattresses. Air pockets added to the middle layer of the mattress increases the responsiveness of the product as customers move in their sleep. Using gel foam for the top layer reduces heat buildup so the mattress does not become hot and uncomfortable during the night.

Try it Out at Home

One drawback to purchasing online is that people do not have the opportunity to lie down on the mattress and determine how comfortable and supportive it is for them. This originally made customers hesitant about buying a mattress in this manner. To assuage that situation, manufacturers offer no-risk sleep trials at home. If the customer is not satisfied with the mattress, it can be returned for a specified number of days.

Returned mattresses are refunded so a different one can be purchased to replace the uncomfortable one. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make a decision during the trial period. Keep track of the trial length because they vary greatly between manufacturers. The minimum length is usually thirty-days with some trials being extended as long as one full year. Explore the possibilities of getting more mattress for the money when you read more online.